Ticho Art

Liliana Martinez

I am an artist born in Cali Colombia.


I come from a family of artists. The most prominent is my grandfather Efraim Martinez. He was a teacher and an excellent impressionist and muralist. He was the reason for the beginning of my training as an artist. I developed painting at a young age and perfected my technique through a scholarship from the district art school in my town. My paintings are characterized by many colors and my main themes are the cultural richness of my country and the extraordinary nature of Latin America.


One of the elements that distinguish me as an artist is to paint live during my exhibitions. I like to involve the public in the creative process of my work. Murals are very present in my art. 


Some of my works are exhibited in the city of Barranquilla in Colombia and in Europe in places like Paris and several cities of Bavaria in Germany.


JeanSJACKET ("El loro")

Cups ("El café")